The innovative concept by Laminam is told by its history, by the ten years of research and tests leading to laminam slabs, a total innovation from their first appearance even thanks to their outstanding technical features and to the eco-compatibility of the product and of the production process. The basic Laminam slab is indeed fully recyclable and used raw material quantity reduced by at least one third compared to any other ceramic material minimize the impact on the environment and the effects of handling.

The low environmental impact of the Lamina® process (patented by System Group for producing laminam) is also guaranteed by the decrease in the transformation energy by square meter. The thermal treatment cycle, indeed, is by radiancy with an electric unit able to reach 1250°C, matched with a hybrid electric/gas-fed version. This unit features a control system for the temperature distribution and gets a perfect firing evenness. But also: a firing at these temperatures makes the product almost totally sintered, thus with superior technical characteristics.

The productive cycle has been studied and realized with a minimal use of water, thus reducing processing sewage. Finally, dimensions, low thickness and weight - that is less than 7 kg/m² for basic slabs - are all features leading to advantages as for final handling and movement in sites.

Laminam slabs come in large size 1000x3000 mm, with a very reduced thickness of 3 mm, and superior performance and technical features, thus offering new and multiple use possibilities beyond the traditional ceramic applications to explore new installation sectors. Thanks to its dimensions, laminam can meet several design requirements in the traditional building sectors, as well as in the advanced building field which always cares for energy saving and eco-sustainability of the used materials. The endless decorating opportunities of the surfaces and the wide colour range of laminam proposals are further an inexhaustible inspiration for designers.