Based on an important partnership agreement signed with the Japanese company TOTO, one of the largest plumbing manufacturers in the world and a pioneer of photocatalyst technolohy (, today Laminam is able to guarantee its customers the innovative self-cleaning treatment HYDROTECT on ceramic slabs. Developed by TOTO,HYDROTECT technology uses a photocatalyst to clean surfaces “automatically”, exploiting the force of sunlight and rainwater. A unique result, indispensable above all for buildings and exterior use, that drastically reduces maintenance costs and maintains all the inherent features of the materials over time. How does it work? In the presence of sunlight, this titanium dioxide-based treatment triggers a process similar to chlorophyll photosynthesis: the organic matter on the surface is firstly decomposed and then eliminated very easily by water or rain. Moreover, when used on the exterior of buildings, HYDROTECT removes the nitrogen oxides produced by exhaust fumes, authentically purifying the air. In addition to these important environmental effects and its eco-sustainability, this treatment guarantees a veritable green, cost saving and effective self-cleaning effect for buildings, making it ideal for private and public buildings. With HYDROTECT – which will be officially presented at Marmomacc and Made Expo – Laminam once again confirms its “green” vocation. Attention for the environment confirmed by the sustainability policy the company has been implementing for some time, supplying its customers with innovative products of the highest quality through important partnerships with market leaders. September 2013