LAMINAM, specialist in the production of large-sized ceramic surfaces with minimal thickness, demonstrates its international calling and strong link with the world of architecture by taking part in the exhibition-event dedicated entirely to the Chinese market scheduled from 18 to 20 May at no. 37, Via Tortona, Milan.

Among the companies that best express the excellence and innovation of Italian industry worldwide, LAMINAM  represents its revolutionary slab in a poetic vein in the "HOMINE NATURAE ET VITAE" installation curated by Milanese architect and designer Antonio Lamonarca.

The exhibition, which investigates the relationship between ceramic materials and Nature, between architecture and landscape design, presents a zen garden, where the Laminam 1000x3000mm slabs in 5 mm thickness of the I Naturali - Pietra di Savoia Antracite Bocciardata and Oxide series in the Moro finish demonstrate their aesthetic potential, recreating the thrill of captivating caves formed by water.

The two surfaces chosen, which express, in one case, a primordial force of Nature through surprisingly structured textures and, in the other, a reproduction of the effect of oxidised metal through an exclusive stratification technology, are just two of the more than 130 textures in the catalogue, thus demonstrating the flexibility of Laminam ceramic materials, ideal for designing interiors and exteriors with refined, unprecedented total looks.

The event is a window onto the finest Italian design, reserved for authoritative voices and leading institutional and business figures from China, conceived thanks to the involvement of Studio Lamonarca, in which Laminam is taking part by virtue of the spirit of conquest and voyage to discover new perspectives that typifies the company, capable of embellishing every environment with its material, blending state-of-the-art technology, entrepreneurial vision and typically Italian creativity.