The 13TH INTERNATIONAL EXHIBITION OF ARCHITECTURE AND DESIGN ARCH MOSCOW 2018 ends in success, the event which brings together the leading representatives of the international architectural community, held in Moscow from 16 to 20 May.

LaminamRus presented three different projects, all of which received prizes from the event’s design committee.


•          Together with the “ROSIZO” State Museum and Exhibition Center and National Center of Contemporary Art, LaminamRus presented the special “No internal tensions” project, winning the award for the best exhibition in the section dedicated to interior and exterior architecture.

•          LaminamRus was partner to Moscomarchitecture, providing the materials for setting up the exhibition stand for the “Moscow Committee of Architecture and Urban Development”, which won the best exhibition prize at the 6th edition of the Moscow Biennale Architecture.

•          Laminam ceramic slabs were also central to the “12” project by Maria Romanova. The project was named best representation of female figures in the professional world.