Equip’Hotel, the international benchmark event for the hospitality sector, was confirmed to be an important appointment to present Laminam minimum-thickness ceramic surfaces for both indoor and outdoor use.

Recreating a conceptual hotel room in its exhibition space, Laminam sought to illustrate the endless possible applications of ceramic material in the hotel environment and to offer new design solutions for architects, interior designers and furnishing experts. Laminam presented different products, in particular the Kotan slabs in the colour Grey stood out, characterised by the Hydrotect® photocatalytic, self-cleaning and air-purifying treatment. The external wall of the conceptual room was embellished with Laminam Star Maker slabs, designed by the Polish architect Mac Stopa; the slabs recently received the Red Dot: Best of the Best award in the Product Design 2016 category.

With more than 300 contacts registered, the event was able to illustrate the creative energy and the sophisticated expression LAMINAM offers through the two surfaces produced, 1000x3000mm and 1620x3240x12mm.