The revolutionary Laminam ceramic slab is green.

As of 2018, this is officially certified by the EPD, the Environmental Product Declaration, an independent certification that certifies the environmental life-cycle impact of a product manufacturing (ISO 14025). The EPD analysed the consumption of raw materials, of energy and of water, in addition to the production of polluting emissions and waste deriving from the Laminam ceramic slab manufacturing process. Laminam products boast extreme durability, recyclability, hygienic and non-toxic properties. These properties can be seen in our technical datasheet . 

The EPD is a fundamental requisite and an added bonus to access other international green certifications in the construction world: LEED (Italy), BREEAM (UK), DGNB (Germany), HQE (France) and also the ECO Platform (European Association for construction).

The EPD product certification joins the sector-specific certification which the company has already historically acquired.  

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