The Laminam showroom is located in the heart of Milan, the international capital of design, a stone’s throw from the Teatro alla Scala at no. 5 Via Verdi.

The historic building in classic style is lent a new interpretation by the contemporary cut of Laminam’s ceramic slabs, in a dynamic and flexible conception of space where past at future coexist with a subtle understanding.
The showroom presents the main series and an overview of the uses of the material, available in the 1000×3000mm size with a thickness of 3 and 5mm, ideal for applications as floor and wall cladding, and in the 1620×3240mm with a thickness of 12mm designed for horizontal surfaces.
At the entrance there are some examples of ceramic slab furnishing applications. The surfaces are used as solid, resistant table and kitchen tops with delicate hues in shades that reproduce nature like a magnifying glass over the natural veins of marble. Elegant, soft textures that make interiors stand out, focusing both on aesthetics and on the ceramic material’s innate qualities of hygiene and resistance. 
There’s a stunning selection of 12mm surfaces at the entrance to the showroom displayed on the walls like great tapestries so that their extraordinary dimensions can be appreciated, as well as their styling and solidity, accompanied by coverings produced through bookmatching of the series inspired by natural marbles.
Further inside the showroom, an example of a ventilated façade composed of 1000×3000mm surfaces and applied through direct bonding testifies to the use of Laminam slabs in architecture. Also available are four slab rooms for visitors to admire and feel the various textures in their entirety by hand.

Gallery Laminam Milano

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The essence of Laminam is revealed in a new Milan location. The company has decided to increase its visibility in the international capital of design by leaving the showroom in Via Mercato and moving to Via Verdi 5, in the heart of the city.