Situated on the edge of town, the Laminam showroom in Warsaw is part of the EuroCentrum modern executive complex – a fine, technologically efficient building in energy class A+ housing over 63,000 square metres of office space and more than 2,000 square metres dedicated to amenities.
A focus on the environment, on innovations and on styling are values that Laminam shares with the venue that displays the brand's ceramic slabs. Inaugurated in 2016, the Polish showroom spans more than 140 square metres of display space and it is open to architects, installers and industry professionals.
The furnishings, wall cladding and flooring are entirely in Laminam to create a high-impact total look, illustrating the various textures available in the catalogue in both the 1000x3000mm and the 1620x3240mm size.   


Euro Centrum

Aleje Jerozolimskie, 134

02-305, Warszawa / Poland

Tel +48 22 2026100