LAMINAM has multiplied the scale and uses of ceramics with its new production range of Extra Large slabs 1600x3200.

LAMINAM has made a further achievement in the rediscovery of ceramics, a continuation of its tireless search for this materials' expressive impact and technical possibilities, with its latest Extra Large format 1600x3200. The company has gone from strength to strength, with a 30% increase in turnover reaching 40 million Euros in 2014 and an expected 50 million Euros for the current year, ever ready to embrace new challenges and ideas. A fourth range was launched, with total productive capacity set to reach a million slabs. Production expansion has not only led to considerable increases in the productive capacity of ceramic slabs in the 1000x3000 mm format in a variety of thicknesses but also to the creation of a new product: extra large slabs up to 1600x3200 mm in size, 6 to 20 mm in thickness, which has bolstered the material's freedom and range of possible applications.