A 200 m2 space designed by AVG Group where ceramic slabs take centre stage.

Designed by imagining Laminam surfaces as skins that can be used to clad volumes of any shape or size, the exhibition space - located in the centre of the Ukrainian city - showcases all the possible uses of the slabs.

These are not just limited to flooring and wall cladding, but also include ceilings, external façades, doors and furniture: from table tops to kitchen worktops, washbasins, furniture doors and smaller details such as umbrella stands and flower pots.

Designed to become a hub for designers and architects, the showroom doesn’t just display Laminam products - instead, it offers tangible examples of many of the real-world applications of the slabs.

Laminam Showroom Kyiv
51/1-a Vasylia Tiutiunnyka
str. 03150 Kyiv, Ukraine